Becoming a Road Respect Community

In June of 2011, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), the Utah Department of Public Safety, Zero Fatalities and Bike Utah launched what has been among the most successful safety education campaigns in Utah history, with the tag line: “Road Respect: Cars and Bikes Rules to Live By.” The Road Respect campaign continues to promote safety by encouraging respect and improving interactions between drivers and bicyclists on the road.

The success and popularity of the Road Respect Campaign has led UDOT to include a “Road Respect Community” option. This program provides local governments with support for their bicycle planning efforts by helping to generate ideas and providing guidance that will ultimately lead to a more bicycle friendly environment.

The information below outlines the requirements for becoming a Road Respect Community as well as some of the options that may be available to help you begin, refine or advance your bicycle planning through the Road Respect Community Program. We encourage you to work with us to take these steps.

Educating cyclists and motorists in the proper and safe operation of bicycles and the rules of the road will ensure the safety of all users. The Road Respect Community Program will highlight the communities that are taking action to support the Road Respect Message and ultimately become an example for other communities in Utah.

We urge you to consider becoming a Road Respect Community and look forward to assisting you in this effort.

Road Respect Community Levels

Level 1 – Activate

  • Identify community champion(s) for your bicycle planning efforts
  • Identify the health, community, and economic benefits associated with having a bicycle plan in place - Set up initial evaluation criteria including Health Impact Assessment guidelines
  • Start an inventory of existing conditions of bike infrastructure and safety issues to begin bicycle planning efforts and identify connectivity gaps
  • Develop a kid’s bicycle safety program
  • Collaborate with local law enforcement to begin incorporating bicycle safety and enforcement into their program

Level 2 – Ascend

  • Involve bike advocacy groups/individuals in planning efforts
  • Initiate “share the road” dialogue between drivers and cyclists
  • Develop the bicycle plan by identifying potential solutions including filling in the gaps and/ or completing connections to the existing systems (both local and regional) in order to improve safety between bicyclists and motorists
  • Roll out a local law enforcement bicycle safety and enforcement program
  • Evaluate the bicycle plan you are developing using the criteria identified in level 1 and including Health Impact Assessment
  • Organize a community ride

Level 3 – Peak

  • Adopt the bicycle plan and begin its implementation
  • Promote a bicycle safety program for primary and secondary schools and encourage the inclusion of car/bike safety in high school driver's education classes
  • Work with businesses to determine and promote the economic benefits of bicycling and plan for bicycle amenities
  • Maintain an ongoing bicycle safety enforcement program for local law enforcement
  • Develop and conduct bicycle safety campaign promoting respect between drivers and bicyclists on the road
  • Organize a bike committee
  • Begin the implementation of a Road Respect Bike Ambassador program for your community
  • Evaluate the bicycle plan you have developed using the criteria identified in level 1 and including Health Impact Assessment
  • Apply for League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community Status

Road Respect Community Planning
Resources & Opportunities

Ongoing consultation with a Road Respect representative to determine your Road Respect Community level and next steps

Consultation and Planning

  • Assistance in developing a bicycle plan
    • On-site evaluations
    • Group discussions focusing on improving interactions between bicyclists and drivers
    • Road Respect planning workshop
  • Assistance in developing bicycle programs
    • Bicycle safety programs
    • Law enforcement programs
    • Bicycle safety campaign

Promotional Opportunities

  • Road Respect Communities are Featured on the Road Respect Tour
    • Events
    • Forums
    • Out & back rides
    • State and local publicity
  • Road Respect Communities are Highlighted on UDOT's State Bike Maps
    • Link to Community Website to promote tourism and bicycle program
    • Opportunity to choose a local bicycle route to be featured on the UDOT Bike Maps

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